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Book -“Laut Aayi Chhaya” 

Amit Khan does not need an introduction to the world of writing, many of his novels become bestsellers.

In this review , the name of the new novel, which I have brought here today, is “Laut Aayi Chhaya”. I am doing this analysis not as a writer but as a reader, and to be honest I became his fan.

This novel is a collection of 4 stories, Laut aayi chhaya, The Last Day, Moksha and the watchman of Makhija Mahal

While the first story is a love story of Chhaya and Parimal with a tremendous sense of emotion, The Last Day boasts a modern life and practical thinking in love. Moksha is the story of a man who discovers the importance of his life and love after he dies, while the watchman of Makhija Mahal is a wonderful story surrounded by mystery and desperate to prove his truth.

I will not tell you the stories due to its suspense , yes I will say that after reading, you will fall in love with the spiritual world. Anyway, Bichchu ka khel which was written by Amit ji on which the popular web series has recently appeared, after that he came up with this novel.I will give him 4.5 stars out of 5 because my expectations are now more from Amit ji.

रुपेश कुमार
लेखक/ आंतरप्रेन्योर / शिक्षाविद / ब्लॉगर

Books are available on Amazon, if you want, you can order it for yourself by clicking on the link below.



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