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Is Kim Kardashian considered as being a fashion icon? Has she been a trendsetter?

Yes, I certainly do believe Kim Kardashian is most certainly a fashion icons-not so much what the curve Kardashian has worn or not worn! But how she works it when she does wear it! You know the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words!

Kim Kardashian has always been a celebrity that has garnered widespread criticism across fashion and celebrity media.

In comes, Kim with her new brain baby ‘Skims’. A win-win for all of us as far as I can see! She making a mil at least on this skin holding, firming, clothes changer SKIMS! And we, mere consumers, are ordering them hot off the rack! The colors and sizes are so diverse!! Not just in colors, but taller as well as petite! I can barely wait to get my first pair!

“While her pictures are mostly airbrushed, many still aspire to have her body, and see the skin-tight fashion outfits and revealing pictures as inspiration for workouts, diets, and crazy waist corsets”

And Yes, of course, she is a trendsetter! She sports it-we want it!! The contour make-up hot trend! The nude lip color. Even dreadful waistsinchers! (That HAD us all wondering! DID she have a rib (or two) removed?! Kim’s make-up and her hourglass figure kept us tide over until she began to show her pregnancy with North. And it was such a dreadful pregnancy we couldn’t wait until the birth was over and we once again had our fashionista Kimberly back!

Kim’s high profile wedding to Kanye West elevated her into the most fashionable crowds. Soon enough! Now four children down! 7 years of marriage, and many ups and downs. One of which was with the complete transgender reassignment with her stepfather Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and the book that followed!! She protected her mother much like a mother bear would her cubs! Fiercely protective! From Kris’s heartfelt crying, I didn’t doubt her sincerity.

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