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Productivity, Happiness, and Life is most important aspect for any one lets start discussing one by one.

we will give a direction in this article than will cover each topic in full length latter  The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to ourselves and always smile.

When we think of productivity we generally think of getting more done in less time. But productivity can encompass a lot of other factors. Among the productivity insights that can help you be more effective in your career:


The most productive people know that taking a break doesn’t cause them to lose focus or even time, but rather it allows them to come back to the task sharper so they can accomplish it in less time. You should make sure that you are taking adequate breaks not only throughout the day but each evening and on the weekends. Taking time off when you aren’t thinking about your job will allow you to return to your job refreshed and ready.


There are many things that we want to do — that we need to do — that we just don’t have the time to do. The benefit of delegation is that the task is still getting done, just not by you. One of the problems standing in our way of delegating is that we fear it will take too much time to explain to someone else how to do something. And sometimes it does take more time than you want. But the beauty is that hopefully once you have invested the time in teaching someone else how to do the task, you won’t have to think about it anymore.


The enemy of productivity is distraction. By learning new strategies for improving your focus, you can get more done in less time — and more effectively.


The things you do every day are what will affect your productivity. Create ways to set up your day, your to-do list and your time with smart habits to ensure you are as productive as possible — as second nature

Time Management

Productivity and time management are inextricably linked. Learning smart time management hacks — from managing your technology to planning your day — will allow you to be more productive throughout your day.

Being productive isn’t just a matter of being efficient. Rather the goal of productivity is to be efficient as well as effective — getting the task done and getting it done right

How often do you consider quitting your job and feel that you are not getting paid enough for the dedication and service you offer your organization?

Happiness and satisfaction are subjective concepts – while for some of us monetary benefits can be equated with job satisfaction, some might strive for recognition of their hard-work and lose motivation on failing to achieve so.

For some people, having a friendly environment at work is an essential requisite for deriving pleasure. No matter what the standards are, being content with our careers is crucial for maintaining the ‘work-life’ balance.

In a fundamental sense, workplace happiness comes when:

  • We enjoy doing the tasks assigned to us
  • We feel right about the people we are working with
  • We are happy with the financial benefits we get from the job
  • We have the scope of improving our existing skills
  • We feel respected and acknowledged at work

Sometimes we need a little encouragement, a change in our perception. This is achieved by various ways, possibly the most powerful of which is gaining insight from other’s.

Wouldn’t we all like to slow down, just a little, to stop and smell the roses from time to time? Savor those moments and live in the now, rather than hurriedly responding to yet another mind-numbing email or fighting another menacing morning commute?

Have you noticed some people seem to live in a perpetual state of peace while others race through their day like a dog chasing its tail or a car stuck in first gear? If we become a little more conscious of our day-to-day activities and how we operate, we may be able to incorporate a few changes here and there that just might make an impactful, positive difference over the long haul.

Understand one important concept – no one is more of an expert in the subject of you than you. Things that work for some people may not work for others, but incorporating one or more of these concepts into your life will likely make a positive difference if you turn a new action into a regular habit. Try just one of these things and see how it goes. If it works, and makes you happier, than incorporate another. Remember, doing something consistently for at least seven days helps an act to become a habit, so stick with it!

Few tricks


Quickly overcome conflicts 

Work when you are most productive

Get enough sleep

Plan a trip

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