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Untitled.jpgThe Stalker is latest hot offering from Sandeep .

It’s complete SS Style..Sandeep Sharma’s Slick &  Stylish  story…

The story is compact and best part is each characters of this story was living life of lie… It’s story of Friendship ,love , betrayal, competition,Greed  with pinch of Sex and help of web of lies…

It’s tough to find out who is the stalker..Randhir kamat,Deepali, Rupali,Devendra,Vipin or Mayank..?


Only Inspector Suraj and his wife Krisna ji was not living life of lie..

This is a must read for thriller lover and mark my word a new Sandeep Sharma Style thriller zoner is arrived…????

I am looking forward more such stories from Sandeep…

And last but not the least this is one sitting read..So go for it…????



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