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BAHIR…As Monisha explained  this story is based on true incidents…Well my take is very simple…Yes this is a story of every women or girl who wants to do something for her own but without thinking too much… The tussle of good and bad…Importance of own family…Fairy tell, virtual and real world…And most important lession this world is not as beautiful as we feel… This is not kabir’s era that jaisa hum waise log naa…

Every action has its own repercussions…You have to be ready for paying any price for that endeavor…Be it you have to give in form of your body ..Money or family… 

The life of Sawera can be any bodies life..It’s not different….A women that too beautiful and free mind can always taken as granted in society…

She had pay big price …Never get love ..Get raped and gone in to all short of hell in life…But fortunately she got one farishta in her life ..For that too she has to pay price…And lastly she seen some sawera in her life after long dark night..

Kudos to Manisha….Great ..Keep this up…It’s inspiring  scary and real… It’s like searching Sweta in real brutal world.




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