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Here is my take on …I wear the smile you gave…!!! By debutant author Shweta shah….i will not take too many words to describe, or give in depth detail, for that you all need to grab your copy;-)

As per my opinion, three things are the backbone of any story –story line, treatmenrt and connect…!!

Storyline and treatment can be different for the different author as per their own style but if it connects than it clicks…!! Here shweta scored distinction…very crisp, focused and very loveable story. As this story is based on the true incident and revolved around a commoner Ajeet and Sumi…the incidence inside the story also put commoners as a character who changed the fate of the central character…Ajeet and Sumi… !!!

Great work Shweta…I know there is the scope for part 2 when can we expect second part?  yes yes..i am in hurry to know what happens next…Where Aditi fits in? I can wait till your next will come till than people can wear the smile your first book gave 😉



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