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Being a published author Reviewing a book of a friend is a tough task. But as promised I have to do.So my Review on MAYA …(when love becomes an obsession) by Pooja Agrawal is here.

It is a complete entertainer a treat for a reader who loves to read fast and gripping plots.

As an attempt after poems and anthology in fiction Zone, the work is commendable.

All four main characters of this Novel is well crafted and help the story to flow fast and stylish way.

Be it Ishita, Tushar, Sam or Maya..all four have their own life own world and own problems.

As this novel is a suspense thriller I am not going to reveal the climax but I can tell you two of the main character is highly obsessed about their own so-called love, and two of the character is fighting own battle with brutal worlds reality and own destiny…!!! Who is fighting with whom to know this you need to read the book….!!

Last but not the least… MAYA in English called illusion….is going well with the title….because all the events, twist and turns revolving around the life….and life itself is an illusion….and top of it if someone adds an obsession in it, then….the story came in a form of MAYA……!!!





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