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Incidence 1 @ Straight From Life


This punch line has been taken from one very famous Ad campaign for an up coming reality show.

One very similar incidence happen in one of my friend’s life.

My friend is very good in creativity and writing, so he decided to write one fiction.But one of his friend asked him…hey how will you write ..? your english is not good..

Then he said bhai i want to write story not english literature  ….the his friend said  ….oh…ye baat lakin pata nahi…bina grammar ke kya likhoge…tum likhte bhi ho ..yaa;-)

Now who will tell them,boss for telling story you don’t need grammar, you need a concept with content and unique story telling ability . Rest work your publisher and editor will do…

Bolo hai ki nahi…Comment plz…!!



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